Amanda Sue Gyurik

Connecticut LIFESTYLE WEDDING Photographer Amanda Sue Gyurik

Connecticut LIFESTYLE WEDDING Photographer Amanda Sue Gyurik

Connecticut LIFESTYLE WEDDING Photographer Amanda Sue GyurikConnecticut LIFESTYLE WEDDING Photographer Amanda Sue Gyurik

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Your Journey

The most Timeless, beautiful pieces of art, which stand the test of time, are the photographs that soothe the senses and allow you to just be yourselves. That art, those photos, should reflect your personalities, your desires, and your dreams. Your genuine expressions should indicate "Where you've been" & reveal "where you are heading Together!"

This is Life's Journey, Your deserves to be documented organically, authentically, artistically. You have met your Soul-mate, you have been transformed in some ways & that Love should be captured! Let me Emotionally engaged you with the Art of Story-Telling, not just any story, but your Legendary Story.


Epic Adventure

"I want to Love you completely. To have you see me, as I truly am. I want to hold you, as you truly are. Nothing is easy, but together, with love on our side, we can climb Mt Everest without even catching a cold. I want to do everything again, with you my love, until time is no more & we are too old."- A.S.Gyurik


Authentic Love

If you love Art, Adventure, Travel, & are always open  to trying something new....I think we could be a perfect fit!!!

If you love genuine photographs that convey real emotions....I think we could be a perfect fit!

If you are easy going, enjoying laughing 'til you cry, & think laughter is the cure for most anything....

I think we should get married!!!lol

All jokes aside, I love with every fiber of my being, taking pictures of two people madly in Love.

I love knowing that those portraits will be hung up on your wall & be talked about for a Lifetime. I love genuine people & that connection, between Photographer and Lovers, is so very important. I mean, I'm going to be with YOU the Most out of everyone, on your Wedding day....lets make it Epic Together!


 I’m not a very “traditional” photographer, I love Authentic Expressions & Emotions, but I will give you guidance & cues, bringing out your most Beautiful Glow! I promise that it'll be so much Fun, one joke and giggle after another , eventually you will forget that you're even having your photo taken. 

On that note,  let's grab coffee or a drink and figure out if we are the Perfect Fit for one another! 

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